New Member In Our TEAM

There been some time since I wrote last time.
Well yes, child takes lots of time and there is so much I would like to write about stays behind but I am getting back on track with a new season.
Anyway, this post is about something different and very exiting – new member in our Team!

Solero Moon Eyes (Sharmas)

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ICF World Championship 2018 Lubieszów, Poland

Long time since I wrote even though so much is happening during this interesting life [:

5-7 October was an impressive event going on – ICF World Championship 2018 in Lubieszów, South of Poland. And we decided to go. First time participating at such a big Sleddog Sports event.

Huge event – over 600 participants. We are used for up to 200 entries [: Continue reading

Litter HOOLIGANS – 2 Weeks!

Our puppies are growing every day. Opening eyes, learning to walk, riding from one side to another as a little balls. Such a special feeling to hold those creatures in the hands..

Our litter “H” got a name – Hooligans. So we are proud to present our 12 hooligans
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Field Trials CACT | Latvia 2017

We are back from Latvia’s very first CACT Field Trials competition with only best impressions.

Latvian Hunting Dog Club

Only Invi (Callidus Invictum UPE) was participating from our Team this time. And we are back with II Degree Diploma (77 points).

All the participants were German Shorthaired Pointers what made this competition even more interesting to compare many dogs with same possibilities. Continue reading

Sleddog Races | DCM – GOLD | 1st place!

UPE kennel dogs at Sleddog

UPE kennel dogs at Sleddog Races (Ele, Hugo, Invi, Maga, Goal)  and a friend Weimaraner (Hugo)

Last Weekend (23 Sept) we had been participating at Sleddog Sport event – “Lithuanian Capitals Cup 2017”.

It was one of those days, when everything goes smooth and easy. Beautiful sunny day, neither hot nor cold, perfect location, nice track and for sure best company as always.  Continue reading

Hunting Dog Speciality + 2 x CACIB Shows In MOLETAI

I am less active with blog for the last months as our 12 puppies needed lots of time.

Anyway, wanted to share our results with pictures from one of the biggest shows in our country. It is my favourite shows as it takes 3 days. One day is for Specialities and other 2 – International Shows. The area (MOLETAI) is surrounded by many lakes so it’s a perfect place to stay with friends and dogs for the long weekend and open swimming season [:

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Litter GALAXY is here! 2017-03-28

Today I had one of the biggest events of the year – puppies arrival!!!

This litter out of Callidus Invictum UPE & Halston Cinnamon has been planed more than 2 years ago. Sabi and Invi has exceptional connection from the very first day they met at the day Sabi arrived as a puppy from Hungary to us. It’s so amazing to see two dogs, who have special attitude to each other and now they have a bunch of puppies.. [:

No words to describe the happiness that all puppies are born healthy and with any difficulties. Sabi is tired but feeling very well and strong. First thing she did going outside still being in a birth process – pointing the birds [: She is very attentive mother.
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