Field Trials For Young Dogs – 1st Degree Diploma

Jone & Skadi – 1st Degree Diploma

Every dog that we breed has to have a working diploma. Spring Field Trials for Young Dogs is a plan minimum. That’s just our goal as it’s not required by the breeding rules in our country. Many of our dogs hunt but only few owners decide to take the exams.

Skadi waiting for her turn

This year the Field Trials were organised at the end of May due to strict quarantine that was till now.

Jone and Skadi (Indi Skadi UPE) were preparing together with our great teacher Migle Kaminskaite.

Jone, Migle & Skadi

Participants were 7 GSP, 2 GWP,  1 GLP, 1 Auvergne pointer, 3 German Spaniels (Deutscher Wachtelhund)… Not all the dogs got diplomas but most of them showed great hunting skills and contact with the owners.

It all started using a low search – hare track. At the end of the track Skadi raised her head up, so got 3 from 4 points and all the rest tasks were evaluated at maximum points.

Skadi retrieving the hare (at the exam there was no task to retrieve the hare, only the blood track)

Another task is a big field with free search for pheasant. Here the young dog must show upper nose work running in the field (best “zig-zag” search) and pointing as fast as it smells the bird. Pointing must be held for at least a few seconds. This is the most important task in the trials. Skadi has exceptionally good and speedy searching style and also pointing, so she got the maximum rating here.

Skadi pointing the pheasant

The third task is work in the water. Here the willingness of dogs to work in water was tested.  Which is determined without the use of force. If the dog freely enters the water and swims into deep water for at least 5 meters without external stimulation (balls, sticks or other toys), receives a maximum rating – 4 points. Skadi got the maximum points.

Skadi at the lake

“We had to wait a lot between the tasks. The long wait was a great opportunity to meet other participants, and spectators. The atmosphere of the event was extremely friendly and open. So waiting did not last long due to the wonderful group of enthusiasts who spared no support and advice” – says Skadi’s owner Jone.

Jone at the Field Trials

Skadi (Indi Skadi UPE) successively held the highest rating – 1st Degree Diploma.
Skadi is 21 months young out of our CH Halston Capslock & CH Exito Belleza UPE.

Indi Skadi UPE successively held the highest rating – 1st Degree Diploma

Really glad and grateful that there are people like Jone who put lots of effort to work with their dogs. I am the most happy and proud breeder.

Thank you Jone, Skadi, Migle and all the judges for rating Skadi so highly.

And for the end the most funny picture taken by Migle Kaminskaite – Skadi pointed the pheasant and when the judges allowed to take the dog back, Jone called for Skadi so she’s looking at her questioning should I retrieve or leave it?..

Pheasant, Skadi and Jone

Pictures taken by Migle Kaminskaite at the Field Trials and few are used mine from the previous trainings.




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