Hunting Dogs Speciality Show + 2 x CACIB

Every year we go to Moletai in the end of May. This long awaited weekend is mostly about time with our friends, with our TEAM. We live all together in the very special and beautiful place at the lake in the middle of the forest. Long talks in TIPI tent with fireplace enjoying the time together here and now.

OK, time to say something and about the shows..

First of all I want to present our show doggy team:

Hooligan Mowgli UPE | 15 months

Galaxy Storm UPE | 2 years

Hooligan Alice UPE | 15 months

Malomkozi Lara | nearly 4 years

And our support – Sharmas almost 6 months (Solero Moon Eyes) & Gabija

FRIDAY – Hunting Dogs Speciality | Judge: Mr. Andras Korozs (Hungary) | 4 GSP entered
This year Hunting Dogs Speciality was judged under well known and respected ANDRAS KOROZS from Hungary.
Only two of our dogs were entered – Galaxy Storm UPE, who won the Open class winning CAC title and Hooligan Alice UPE being still Junior went for Club Junior Winner title, Best Junior, BEST OF BREED, Best in Show Junior IV and was selected to TOP at the BIS final!

Hooligan Alice UPE |   15 months   | Club Junior Winner’19; BOB; BIS JUN IV

Some pictures from Speciality BIS ring with judge Andras Korozs (HU)

Hooligan Alice UPE |   15 months

Hooligan Alice UPE |   Junior BIS ring

Hooligan Alice UPE |   Junior BIS ring

Hooligan Alice UPE |   15 months   |   Headshot

Hooligan Alice UPE

Best 5 Juniors of the show

Strong feeling to win Best of Breed title at Speciality with Junior female. Alice is out of our Magas (Halston Caps Lock) & WJW’16 Malomkozi Lara.

Alice was professionally presented by my friend and most important part of kennel UPE – Viktorija.

SATURDAY – IDS MOLĖTAI CUP ’19 | Judge: Mr. Hisayoshi Kadowaki (Japan) | 11 GSP entered

Saturday was not our day.
Observing the ring was difficult to understand judge’s style or understanding. We made a conclusion that we simply don’t fit to Japanese style..

> Galaxy Storm UPE – ex.2 (Open)
> Hooligan Mowgli UPE – ex.1, Junior Winner, Best Junior (Junior)
> Malomkozi Lara – ex.1, R. CACIB (Champion)
> Hooligan Alice UPE – ex.1, Junior Winner (Junior)

SUNDAY – IDS AUKŠTAITIJA ’19 | Judge: Mr. Zeferino Silva (Portugal) | 10 GSP entered

Sunday brought us better results with very stylish judge that loves sound movement.

> Galaxy Storm UPE – ex.1, CAC, CACIB, BOS (Open)
> Hooligan Mowgli UPE – ex.1, Junior Winner (Junior)
> Malomkozi Lara – ex.1, CACIB, BEST OF BREED! (Champion)
> Hooligan Alice UPE – ex.1, Junior Winner, Best Junior (Junior)

It was veeeery special feeling to stand in the line for BOB with 4 best dogs and all of them – UPE team dogs.

This is just epic picture with the judge.. :DD

Mr. Zeferino Silva and UPE team posing at it’s best :DD

And this is just the most cute and lovely dog of the show – French Water Dog

Special thanks to those, who are together.
Viktorija, Marta, Darius, Indre, Gerda, Vytautas, Tomas, Taurius and my husband Bogdan for endless support.

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