New Member In Our TEAM

There been some time since I wrote last time.
Well yes, child takes lots of time and there is so much I would like to write about stays behind but I am getting back on track with a new season.
Anyway, this post is about something different and very exiting – new member in our Team!

Solero Moon Eyes (Sharmas)

Please, meet a solid liver male puppy SOLERO Moon Eyes (Sharmas, meaning CHARM).
Sharmas came from Poland, Moon Eyes kennel. Breeder – Urszula Lichniak.
I know Ulia for many years and respect her for 100% dedication to her dogs and this breed. She is one of the greatest examples that GSP breeder must be to me.

Sharmas lives with and is owned by Gabija Vebraite. So very happy about these two new fellows!

Gabija & Sharmas

Sharmas will be shown at the Dog Shows, so you will see him growing and developing step by step.
And now you can see him at the age of 11 weeks.

Solero Moon Eyes (Sharmas)     |     11 weeks

Solero Moon Eyes (Sharmas)     |     11 weeks

Solero Moon Eyes (Sharmas)     |     11 weeks

Sharmas parents are:
MOJRA Moon Eyes International Working & Beauty Champion, Junior Club Winner, Club Winner, J.Ch.PL, Ch.PL 2x CACIT, HDA, ED0, EBJ free
BRIX z Prchalovskych Pastvin (versatile working Dog, CACIB, BOB, Narodni Vitez, 4x VZ1, CACT, HDA, ED0)

Brix & Mojra | Picture by Urszula Lichniak

Thank you, Ulia for trusting this chocolate pie. I know what each puppy means to You.
Greetings from Gabija & Sharmas. They are doing real great.

Gabija & Sharmas

Chocolate cutie pie – Sharmas

Lots of adventures to become..

Thank you Gabija, for joining our little community.



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