Hard Dog Race Poland 2019 – GOLD MEDAL!

Hard Dog Race 2019

Our family has traveled all the way down to Poland for Hard Dog Race 2019.

Last year Bogdan and Invi were second from over 200 participants as did two mistakes. This year they were back ready to win and so it happened..

The race took place at Ski resort Góra Kamieńsk. Big steep hill where all the fun begins running all the way up and way more: tunnel, 4 times water, platforms, weight, labyrinth..

Team start at HDR 2019

This year entered over 400 individual participants + over 200 teams. There was and one team from our country.

I was nicely surprised by variety of dog breeds. From Yorkshire Terrier or Basethound to Landseer or Irish Wolfhound and all kind of mixtures. Really great to see lots of active people with their beloved friends working out on that damn steep hill and being very happy at the finish line.

HDR chill zone

Big variety of dogs at HDR

Some participants had to carry their friends

True friends stay together

One medal for human, other for the dog

All participants from Lithuania. Team of five and Bogdan with Invi as individuals

Beautiful Polish Hounds

The Winners of HDR 2019 – Bogdan & Invi.                                                                                              The moment just after the finish. Still very tired but focused

Waiting time for the awards must be fun to all

Performer and viewers

Champion look. Calm and focused after the job is done.                                                                          Wet, dirty, tired = HAPPY

Awards. Bogdan & Invi are the winners with best result of Hard Dog Race 2019

In the end it’s all about the friendship and..

… and connection based on trust and love..

End of a new beginning..

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