Litter HOOLIGANS – 2 Weeks!

Our puppies are growing every day. Opening eyes, learning to walk, riding from one side to another as a little balls. Such a special feeling to hold those creatures in the hands..

Our litter “H” got a name – Hooligans. So we are proud to present our 12 hooligans
(7 males + 5 females):

FEMALE nr. 1

GA2A9294_Hooligans_2w_sm GA2A9297_Hooligans_2w_sm

FEMALE nr. 2

GA2A9302_Hooligans_2w_sm GA2A9303_Hooligans_2w_sm

FEMALE nr. 3

GA2A9309_Hooligans_2w_sm GA2A9311_Hooligans_2w_sm

FEMALE nr. 4



FEMALE nr. 5

GA2A9325_Hooligans_2w_sm GA2A9333_Hooligans_2w_sm

MALE nr. 1

GA2A9335_Hooligans_2w_sm GA2A9341_Hooligans_2w_sm

MALE nr. 2

GA2A9350_Hooligans_2w_sm GA2A9352_Hooligans_2w_sm

MALE nr. 3

GA2A9357_Hooligans_2w_sm GA2A9364_Hooligans_2w_sm

MALE nr. 4

GA2A9366_Hooligans_2w_sm GA2A9368_Hooligans_2w_sm GA2A9372_Hooligans_2w_sm

MALE nr. 5

GA2A9378_Hooligans_2w_sm  GA2A9384_Hooligans_2w_sm

MALE nr. 6

GA2A9401_Hooligans_2w_sm  GA2A9404_Hooligans_2w_sm

MALE nr. 7


Very best nanny and Lara’s helper – Eza.


My Dearest friend Viktorija, who is the best second mommy for the puppies *


Proud parents – Lara & Magas


As time flies, soon you will see and very first stacks..

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