New Year – Big Events – Exciting News


2017 was a great and most special year for us and our family.

Biggest event of the year – our family became full-fledged as our most special daughter was born 2 of December.

The feeling to be mother is speechless..
I wanted to make a brake from Face Book, so more than a month I was hardly reachable, sorry who wanted to contact me and had to wait an answer for some time.

Beside this big event of my life, we had lots of big wins at a dog shows, interesting working exams and litter GALAXY with 12 puppies.

2018 begins with grand news – WE WILL HAVE PUPPIES! YES, the pregnancy has been already CONFIRMED!

Presenting poster of our beautiful couple:

Lara & Magas

Lara & Magas

Parents are our very successful dogs – Lara & Magas. Lara is World Junior Winner’16, Helsinki Junior Winner’16, Baltic Junior Winner’16, Club Junior Winner’16 + Best in Show,
Baltic, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Finnish, Russian (not confirmed) and Polish (not confirmed) Champion.

Lara in Moscow – World Junior Winner 2016

Lara in Latvia (on the left) – Club Speciality Junior Winner’16 and Junior BEST in SHOW

Lara at Helsinki Winner Show – Helsinki Junior Winner’16

Magas – at World dog Show’16 in Moscow was class winner with CAC title and Best male III.
Class Winner at Helsinki Winner Show in a big competition, Baltic, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Finnish, Russian (not confirmed) and Polish (not confirmed) Champion, many times BEST in Show winner, selected to top 5 pairs at exclusive show – Championship of Champions.


Magas at World Dog Show in Moscow – Class Winner, CAC, new Russian Champion (not confirmed)


Magas at Helsinki Winner Show – Class Winner, Best Male II


Magas in BIS Ring

Magas and Lara have very expressive and characteristic heads, similar working style in search & pointing and common type. We expect equal and quality litter out of this beautiful couple.

If interested, please, write us an email or call.
Contacts and info on the poster above.

I wish you a very interesting, successful and active 2018!

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