Back On Track – Sleddog Race – Gold, Silver, Bronze

Nice to be back here on our blog platform.
Quarantine touched each of us in one way or another. Had a pause posting but since now will post not only the most important news but also actual articles.

Finally we had a race “Burunduko Cup’21”. Many people were actively entering to get up after that long “quarantine sleep”.
4 dogs from our kennel entered and all of them were placed with medals: 

> Bogdan & Invi (Callidus Invictum UPE) were the stars getting GOLD at Canicross category (DCM). Time: 10:48

Bogdan and Invi – GOLD medal at DCM

> Vilte & Cloud (Galaxy Cloud UPE) SILVER at Canicross category (DCW). Time: 12:58

Vilte & Cloud – SILVER medal at DCW

> Ruta & Windy (Galaxy Wind UPE) BRONZE at Canicross category (DCW). Time: 13:00

Ruta & Windy – BRONZE medal at DCW

> Ugne & Ray (Galaxy Ray UPE) BRONZE at Bikejoring category (DBW). Time: 07:17

Ugne & Ray – BRONZE medal at DBW

The track was 3.5 km.

It’s a heartwarming feeling to see people and dogs working in the tandems or teams. This sport to be successful requires not only self discipline but also a proper care and deep understanding of your partner.

The race was organized by Lithuanian Federation of Sleddog Sport and there is one more to come up at the end of May.

Looking forward meeting everyone.

Bogdan and Invi are supported by Non-stop and belongs to International Non-stop CANIX Team:

Pictures by: Diana Petniunaite

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