Litter “D” Is Here!

GSP Puppy

1 week old German Shorthaired Pointer Puppy Male

18-07-2014 Litter “D” was born in UPE kennel.

We’ve been waiting almost a year to make our plans become real. So wonderful to hold such a miracle creature in the hands finally. It is something from other World. Continue reading

New LT Junior Champion + Best In Show III

Upe Invi and Havana at the lagoon rocks

We are back from 2 x National Dog Shows, which were hold at the river cost in Rusne, near lagoon.

I don’t share every Dog Show in my blog, try to post about bigger once or more impressive by  great results of our team.
So this show was successful for us as we got a new Junior Champion and Best in Show III..

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Spring Field Trials 2014

Deutsch Drahthaar association has organised Spring Field Trials for VII FCI group. Trials has been judged by international judges: T. Cirkina, G. Jefremov, J. Cirkin and national judges: S. Aleksa and M. Vasiliauskas.
17 dogs has been entered (German Wire-haired Pointers, German Short-haired Pointers and Hungarian Vizsla) from Lithuania and Latvia.

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Spring Training

Spring is the magic time when not only beetles wake up but people as well. Suddenly all the streets and parks get crowded of mommies with kids, jogging people, dogs, singing birds and all kind of flying bugs.

There we are as well.. Every weekend we try to go to the fields for training. Today we had training with honorable trainer, president of Drahthaar association LT Jevgenij Cirkin and vice-president Sigitas Aleksa (

President of Drahthaar association LT Jevgenij Cirkin

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Field Trial Training Season Has Begun

From the first Spring day we begun new Field Trial season training.
Field Trials were developed to test the working ability of Gundogs in competitive conditions. Trials resemble, as closely as possible, a day’s shooting in the field and dogs are expected to work with all manner of game, from rabbits and hares, to partridges and pheasants.

Every Spring we have Field Trials for young dogs. So we begun to train. First two days working with hare – training the lower sense of smell and retrieve.

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Tips For Traveling With Dog

Some people take their dogs to long road trips, but other are afraid of many difficulties and refuse taking their best friends together.

We are just back from long holiday trip (over 5000 km), where our four feet friends have traveled with us. So I decided to share some tips for traveling with dog and some pictures from our last trip to Alps.

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