1 Year!

Callidus Invictum UPE (Invi) , Amazonjoki (Upe), Curo Ignis UPE (Igi) and Conor Ros UPE (Nida) at the Birthday Party

Photo by Rasa Budrike, owner of Nida


Yeah! Our litter “C” (Ergo vom Osterberg & Amazonjoki (Upe) ) got 1 year old today!
So we had a little party. Mother Upe is all happy and smiling to her kids..

I am very happy that we managed to travel to see beautiful and intelligent dog Ergo more than a year ago. Ergo became sir of our litter “C”.

2012-10-15 we got 8 wonderful puppies. 7 black and white, 1 brown roan. All of them got really good owners. They go to hunt, they go to sled dog sport, they win exhibitions, they make people happy with super nice, active, brave and friendly temperament.

Thank You Dear owners for it! It’s very important for me and it makes me go forward.

Rasa, Dovile, Jolita and Zilvinai, Egle and Dariau, Viktorija and Juliau, Evelina and Deimantai, Marita and Andis, have your best friends for many many years and enjoy every day together. They are special for all of you and us..

Let’s remember and enjoy!

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  1. It was an interesting year – first experience with small puppy at home, living together, watching how dog grow, become wiser. And this feeling of joy and love for this sometimes really funny creature – it becomes bigger and bigger every day 🙂

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