We are waiting for PUPPIES

Baltia Sumu UPE & Havana

Want to share with you our joy.
Our every litter is carefully planned in advance and very strongly waited for. So every litter is very special for us and most beloved.

Today we can announce that pregnancy was confirmed, but as they are still not born, we are patiently waiting for them to come.
We expect puppies to be born 14-20 of March.

About the parents. Have you ever heard of a German Shorthaired Pointer, that would have 61 Best of Breed titles, 26 CACIB titles and so many more including International Champion at the age of 3.5 years?.. This is Baltia Sumu UPE bred by us from litter “B”, combination of both working as well show champion’s Finish lines. Out of my most beloved Upe (Amazonjoki – see in https://germanshorthairedpointer.pro/our-dogs) and Charleswood Komet (imp. Finland), owned by Luiza Olechnovic.

International Champion Baltia Sumu UPE – father of upcoming litter “E”                                      Handled by Dominyka Kolesova

Rukas (Baltia Sumu UPE) is a wonderful dog from all aspects: he has a great temperament – very joyful, friendly to everybody, no matter whether it is a male adult dog or a loud child; extremely well build body with marvellous movement, totally healthy, and strong instincts to hunt.
Rukas (Baltia Sumu UPE) achievement at the shows:

  • International Dog Champion (second INT CH GSP in Lithuania, first was his grandmother Amazoni, imported from Finland)
  • Lithuanian Champion
  • Latvian Champion
  • Estonian Champion
  • Baltic Champion
  • Belorussian Champion
  • Lithuaniam Latvian, Estonian, Baltic, Belorussian and Russian JUNIOR Champion
  • TOP Young LT Dog’12 Number 1 from all breeds!
  • TOP Vilnius Dog Club Dog’13 (from all breeds)
  • TOP LT Dog’13 Number 3 from all breeds
  • BALT Junior Winner 2012
  • BALT Winner 2013
  • BALT Winner 2014
  • Title Junior Winner gained 13 times
  • R. CACIB x 2
  • 26 CACIB titles
  • 61 Best of Breed titles (was announced as the Best GSP at the 61 shows)
  • Best in Group x 30
  • Best in Group II x 9
  • Best in Group III x 7
  • Best in Group IV x 1
  • BEST IN SHOW x 5
  • Best in Show II x 4
  • Best in Show III x 5
  • Best in Show IV x 2
  • Best in Show V x 2

Rukas (Baltia Sumu UPE) achievement at the Field Trials:

  • II Degree diploma with 89 Points.

Mother of puppies is most feminine beauty – Havana Du Nid Aux Nobles. Havana is out of old French working lines Ginn Du Nid Aux Nobles & World Winner’12 Bora De La Haille Au Loup. Bred by Manuela Banu.


Junior Champion Havana NAN – mother of upcoming litter “E”

Havana’s temperament is extremely soft for people and dogs but not that nice for birds and wild animals, as she is very good constant hunting dog. Havana has no choleric attitude no matter what, she is always very brave and intelligent dog.

Havana’s achievement at the shows:

  • Junior Champion of Lithuania
  • Junior Winner x 4
  • Best of Opposite Sex x 5
  • R. CACIB
  • BOB

Both dogs has perfect clinical evaluations: HD AA, E 00.
We expect nice temperament puppies with beautiful outlook and great working dogs, but first we have to wait for mid of March 2015..


Baltia Sumu UPE & Havana

Would like to thank to Zilvina’s and Luiza’s families for taking a very best care of these special dogs and achieving such a great results everywhere. Developing them to wonderful adult dogs, working with them a lot, hunting, going to the Dog Show all over the Europe and loving them to the depths of the heart.

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