UPE (River) Kennel Got TWO New Members!

During the last four days I was visiting super peaceful place – GSP kennel Nid Aux Nobles placed in Bucharest, Romania owned by wonderful and very open person Manuela Banu.

 Manuela Banu and Italy

It was a brilliant experience to talk with experienced person about GSP lines, problems, happiness, puppies, breeding, shows and..
All it ended up that I am back home with TWO wonderful puppy males from different litters..

Happy me, Ibi and Hudas (Robhinhud)

So the first is Ibelin Nid Aux Nobles (Ford Du Nid Aux Nobles x Chanel De La Haille Au Loup). This puppy male surprised me by his special temperament. From the first look I recognized him being different. He’s always focused and sees what’s happening around. Seems that he thinks before he makes a decision. I believe Ibi will develop into a very intelligent family dog and super clever hunter.

Ibelin Nid Aux Nobles 4,5 months | Ibi

Ibelin Nid Aux Nobles 4,5 months | Ibi

Ibelin Nid Aux Nobles 4,5 months | Ibi

And the second boy is joyful Hudas – Ivanhoe Nid Aux Nobles (Blo De La Haille Au Loup x Malomkozi Jetta). Hudas is a curious one. Soft, beautiful and fast.

Ivanhoe Nid Aux Nobles 3 months | Hudas

Ivanhoe Nid Aux Nobles 3 months | Hudas

Ivanhoe Nid Aux Nobles 3 months | Hudas

Thank You, Manuela, for inviting me to be your guest. Won’t forget it. It is always very special to have a time to talk and get to know each other.

Ibi and Hudas will live in the best houses they could ever wish.
All the best Egidija and Gediminas families with these creatures from other world, as I believe..

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