Sleddog Races | DCM – GOLD | 1st place!

UPE kennel dogs at Sleddog

UPE kennel dogs at Sleddog Races (Ele, Hugo, Invi, Maga, Goal)  and a friend Weimaraner (Hugo)

Last Weekend (23 Sept) we had been participating at Sleddog Sport event – “Lithuanian Capitals Cup 2017”.

It was one of those days, when everything goes smooth and easy. Beautiful sunny day, neither hot nor cold, perfect location, nice track and for sure best company as always. 
So much love this picture with big company of great people and their partners – the Dogs.

What made me most proud, that even 4 of our friends with young dogs from FLASH litter had their debuts at Canicross:
Laura & Goal (Flash of Goal UPE)

Laura & Goal

Laura & Goal (Flash of Goal UPE)

Jonas & Ele (Flash of Life UPE)

Jonas & Ele (Flash of Life UPE)

Jonas & Ele (Flash of Life UPE)

Marius & Maga (Flash of Magic UPE)

Marius & Maga (Flash of Magic UPE)

Marius & Maga (Flash of Magic UPE)

Goda & Maga (Kids canicross)

Goda & Maga (Flash of Magic UPE)

Goda & Maga (Flash of Magic UPE)

Each of you made me very very proud. Each of you make such a days – special days.

Best and most impressive result of the day –  Bogdan & Invi (Callidus Invictum UPE) – FIRST in Canicross (from 15)!

Bogdan & Invi

Bogdan & Invi (Callidus Invictum UPE)

Track 2.75 km, time – 8.22 minutes! Average speed – 20.1 km / h!
They two are such a crazy kyborg team! And my most beloved indeed.

Viltė Šokaitytė is another super hero! She was second with Hugo (Exito Bueno UPE) from 25! Unbelievable! Flying team. Vilte is a new rising star for sure.

Vilte & Hugo

Vilte & Hugo (Exito Bueno UPE)

Hugo gave me a special smile at the finish line [:

Races gives only very best emotions not only to us – people but also dogs. They so much enjoy to RUN. Happy to see smiling people around and lots of wiggling tails.

Ray (the son of Invi) came to the races to look around and prepare for the future. He is 6 months young and hopefully a future Sleddog sport dog also.

Ray (Galaxy Ray UPE) | 6 months

Ray (Galaxy Ray UPE) | 6 months

And a very charming moment of the day – Bogdan and his best friend Invi with 1st place medal.

Bogdan & Invi - real TEAM

Bogdan & Invi – real TEAM

Now we are preparing for IFSS World Cup 2017-2018 Accredited Event – Balto Sügiskross 2017 (Estonia). Must be a very massive and impressive event.

Stay tuned! We RUN!

Invi - the puller

Invi – monster puller


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