Sabi – new treasure in UPE kennel


Very happy me to meet Sabi

Yesterday we had an exciting day. Just in the afternoon we left Lithuania, crossed the Latvia’s border and went directly to the airport.

Here we are. The flight delayed for 30 minutes, so we went upstairs to sit and chill after the trip.
Waiting.. And here it is! The plain Budapest – Riga has landed. 

Waiting for another 10 minutes and our girl has entered the gate. So cute and sleepy as she was flying in the salon and sleeping all the time. All clean and not stressed.


Me and Sabi

Outside she immediately grabbed the ball and was running waving the tail. Very brave, very cute, very kissing and very beautiful girl, it is – Sabi (Clever).

Sabi came together with two other sisters who stayed in Latvia.
Al we happy with wonderful puppy girls.


Three sisters saying goodbye at the Riga’s airport

Sabi is living with very good friend of mine Egidija and Hudas (Ivanhoe du Nid aux Nobles), so she has an older “bro” now. Best home for her, indeed.


Sabi and Hudas enjoying the sun today

Sabi is out of amazing Magnum Hunter Jack (Royal) & Micskei Janka

Magnum Hunter Jack

Father – Magnum Hunter Jack (Royal)

Micskei Janka

Mother – Micskei Janka

Little rest at home and soon she will begin a training course..


Máté Dávid, I am so very much grateful for this treasure. She is amazing, indeed.

Ágnes Nácsa, you helped me a lot to communicate and choose the girl, thank you so much! I will keep posting pictures of her, that’s my word!

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