3 x CACIB Shows: 4 New Champions, 5 CRUFTS Qualifications

Here we go again.. Another International Dog Shows this season.


Halston Caps Lock – not the best shot of Magas movement but it was + 32°C in the shade. So dogs didn’t show the usual drive and power that day running under the sun

So Triple CACIB shows in Druskininkai, Lithuania. These exhibitions were very important to us. We entered 5 dogs and ended up with 4 new Lithuanian Champions and all the dogs were qualified for Crufts!  Continue reading



Ori | Eza | Lara | Sabi

Last Weekend we spend in Latvia – Adazi city. Participated at International Dog Show and Hunting Speciality with totally amazing results.

It’s a specially good feeling to go to another country for the Dog Show and meet nice long seen people. Latvia is that kind of a place.
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Bringing Home a Puppy. The Complete Guide.

A dog is a big commitment. A decision to have a puppy must be approved by all members of the family (if you have one). Make sure all of you really want this new family member, otherwise, you may get into trouble really soon.

Before you bring your new puppy home, you need to prepare your home and family for its arrival.

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How to Introduce Your Dog to Gunfire Sound (and Other Loud Sounds)


Training dogs of any command or socialising them in the city with sounds, smells, people and all the chaos is not the same as getting your pup accustomed to the gunfire sound.

The sound of shooting is an active artificial intervention in the environment, so you have to do it step-by-step avoiding mistakes. Even the boldest pup in the litter might become gunfire shy if the introduction to the gunfire is not handled correctly. A shy dog is not what you want, especially if we speak about gun dogs.
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VJP Test 2016


April 23 we had VJP exam – test for young pointing dogs (up to 24 months).
Exam was organised by “Deutsch Drahthaar“ (KADD) Organisation. Judges:
Tatjana Cirkina, Jevgenij Cirkin, Sigitas Aleksa and Aleksej Soldatov (president of Russian Drahthaar Association). Continue reading

2 x More Successful IDS

05-06 of March we had 2 x International Dog Shows hold in Vilnius.

So, today I will share pictures from 2 x IDS – “Lithuanian Winner’16” and “Vilnius CUP’16”.


Callidus Invictum UPE (INVI) | 3 years

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