New UPE Kennel’s Member – MAGAS

We are back from unforgettable trip from Hungary, that will write about it in the next post.


Now want to introduce to our already very much beloved bear-feet male – Halston Caps Lock (Magnum Hunter Jack & Micskei Janka), home name is Magas, which means – Magician. Magas is 9 months of age and he is partly rescued dog.

I am most thankful to David Mate and Agnes Nacsa for helping to rescue this gorgeous boy and giving him the second chance to the new life. Magas is a littermate brother of our really amazing girl – Sabi, so we are very happy to have them both here in Lithuania.

Magas was living with hunter who kept him in the kennel / cage without any socialisation and training. He didn’t know his name, at the day he was taken was very skinny with very bad quality of coat, needed eye surgery and had inflammation of the anus. So much work need to be done with him.. Well, I am ready.


Magas is still very soft as a puppy and needs lots of mental as well physical training that he will get for sure. So now we start with good socialisation and obedience training that begins on Thursday already.

Magus_4  Magas is beautiful and very friendly puppy male.


Magas at our home in Vilnius

Will update the news about Magas in Face Book mostly and soon he will join the page “Our Dogs” as a new member of UPE kennel.

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