Kennel UPE New Member – Malomkozi Luxor

It is said, that the best things happen unexpectedly.
That’s how the last new members of our kennel appears joining our growing team.


Malomkozi Luxor arrived to us from Hungary. I am pleased to Agnes and David to have him in my hands and Istvan Nagy for breeding this wonderful creature.
As well Egidija for being a part of these exiting and special adventures we have together.

Puppy is a very brave and extremely courageous dog. Curious of everything and so sweet. It’s quite obvious to recognise that curious personality from his look.


Now we have some fun at home..


9 years old wonderful and so soft with puppies UPE and 12 weeks Luxor


And that’s my friendly trio – Invi, Luxor and Upe


However, there always comes the moment of the peace and harmony in the house..


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