LARA – New Member of UPE Kennel Family


Lara before leaving her breeder Istvan Nagy in Hungary

This year – 2015 is very special to our kennel. I would say the most important year in our history since I begun to live with GSP in 2003 and never stopped by then to take interest in this absolutely perfect breed to me.

We import puppies from different kennels and different blood-lines as the strongest aim is to keep this breed in high quality from all aspects.
I am planing to write a separate record about year 2015 and abstract aim of our actions.

And now want to say a short story about our very very beautiful young female puppy Malomkozi LARA. Lara is bred by honorable Istvan Nagy (HU). I am very pleased Istvan trusted me and transferred the responsibility to take care of Lara to us, when she was not even planed to be soled.
Lara is a sister of our Ori (Malomkosi Luxor), who came to us 2 months ago.
They are out of legendary dogs – Szafir Z Czarnego Dworu and Malomkozi Jolka II.

First time I saw picture of this beautiful pup, felt as it is mine dog. Don’t know why.
It happens to me the third time already and all that feelings turned to be a very important and right decisions. So, yesterday Lara came to Lithuania and we met.


Lara and me. Still feeling a bit scared after the long trip. This feeling didn’t take long..

I was very convinced by the decision to bring Lara here, as I had very best waiting home for her – Viktorija and Taurius. They already have a young GSP female Eza (Exito Belezza UPE) and Lara is going to be her younger sister. As they live 1 kilometer away from me, we meet every week. Viktorija is very active person and loves to work with Eza both obedience and at the fields, so I know Lara won’t stay on the couch the whole day as well.


Lara has a beautiful head


Exploring new place with tail up


New toys – checked


Tenderness overflows to lovely Upe, who is over 9 years old


That perfect head and beautiful expression..


This is a traditional game in our home – all together and around..


I know that this dog is going to be a very intelligent and special one


Some games just before puppy sleep

Will keep updating about growing and changing Lara constantly as about all our Kennel’s team dogs.

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