International Dog Show Kika Cup 2013

Last weekend was the International Dog Show Kika Cup 2013.
Baltia Sumu UPE and Baltia Jarvi UPE were participating at the show in intermediate class already.
Baltia Sumu UPE was participating in intermediate class at the age of 17 month and got CAC, W, CACIB, BOB and finally became group winner!
I am glad this young dog is doing so well at every show in a big and serious competitions.
His handler Dominyka Kolesova does a great job.

His brother Baltia Jarvi Upe was excellent II in intermediate class. Jarvi was doing very well at the ring.
Love to see the puppies growing and getting more and more mature, both from outlook and the character.

Our youngest boy Callidus Invictum UPE was socializing at the show.
He is just 3,5 month, so it was a very first experience at such a big event.
Indoor he was feeling good, sniffing big dogs but to run outdoor is always the best!

Wish to keep on going!

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