Field Trials CACT | Latvia 2017

We are back from Latvia’s very first CACT Field Trials competition with only best impressions.

Latvian Hunting Dog Club

Only Invi (Callidus Invictum UPE) was participating from our Team this time. And we are back with II Degree Diploma (77 points).

All the participants were German Shorthaired Pointers what made this competition even more interesting to compare many dogs with same possibilities.

Beautiful work from dogs. Was really enjoying the competition together with a good friend of me – Audrius that is always ready to help me.
I see mistakes that are done by me but Invi works great and always wants to collaborate. When I work with Invi, I feel we are partners – we work together not individually. That’s a great  feeling achieved by lots of work and still so much left to do.

Also liked a very wise work from judges side. Trials never can be planed from A to Z as there are dogs and wild included, fields, changing wind and air conditions. It makes every situation unique. Judges were analysing the behaviour of each dog being open and using moment here and now. The level of working dogs was high and worth to see. Different style, different speed, different approach.

Honorable judges:
Jelena Stekkere (LV)
Peteris Zvaigzne (LV)
Agnese Zvaigzne (LV)

We were surrounded by beautiful Golden Autumn nature and very dramatic sky which turned into a heavy rain just at the award ceremony. Was able to make a reportage from the waiting point. Some pictures are also taken by Audrius.
See some moments of our Saturday:

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