Field Trial Training With Puppies

Conor Ros UPE – 3,5 months old

Puppy raising and training is based on the entire package of the well-developed field trail training including socialization, obedience commands and developing the contact between you and your dog day by day.
Training starts with the very first contact in a puppyʼs life and continues throughout their adult life. 

So every contact we have with our puppy or our dog is directed to develop the best companion we can. If you will achieve the right contact with your puppy, you will reach every goal you want – to have an excellent hunting dog, sport partner or just a perfect family dog.

Field trial work is difficult and challenging. It requires quite strict and precise standards of accuracy, yet demanding in that extra skills of individual marking and retrieving ability talents must shine through in successful and competitive dogs. It means that today’s successful field trial dog should be far more than robot-like working dog.

Last weekend we had a training for our puppies with trainer Jevgenij Cirkin, who is a president of Deutsch Drahthaar Association in Lithuania.
This was a very basic training to check the pup’s reaction towards shot noise, duck’s and partridge’s wings for point, fox’s fur and rabbit’s foot for aport.
Puppies are very enthusiastic and still lots of to learn but we are on the track.

It is beautiful to watch the dog working in the field with fire, not with the lowered tail between the legs. That’s what we seek to.

Callidus Invictum UPE – 3,5 months old


Perfectly trained adult Wire-haired German Pointer female.  Our trainer’s dog


Our friends – Jūratė and young Weimaraner female Pupa


Claro Forti UPE – 3,5 months old


Weimaraner Pupa at the age of almost 5 months. She has a perfect concentration already 


Callidus Invictum UPE – 3,5 months


Conor Ros UPE – 3,5 months


Callidus Invictum UPE,      Rylio CU Later Alligator,      Claro Forti UPE

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