Field Training Season’16 is Opened


Today we have opened the season of training dogs in the fields. We do it constantly to develop the skills of lower and upper search, retrieve, water work, concentration and connection to the handler for young dogs and to maintain developed skills of the older dogs. 

Today we were training 5 different age dogs:
Invi – Callidus Invictum UPE (3 years)
Magas – Halston Caps Lock (19 months)
Eza – Exito Belleza UPE (11 months)
Lara – Malomkozi Lara (8 months)
Ori – Malomkozi Luxor (8 months)

At the begining must be a short INTRO


Eza in the air. Over happy to be in the wild field

Today training was combined of bird search and point. And also with dummies – search + retrieve.


Magas. Yes, this is the Point. Well, more unexpected Point. When you just run and suddenly there is a bird!


Pointing bird with full concentration


One more search. This time he was ready. And there it is!


The last of Magas. He has a nice search and a very good nose. I was even more surprised today


Eza is almost there


Yes! Here it is. Marked.


Ori after a beautiful search stopped finding the bird


And was wagging the tail for the moment..


Invi on fast zig-zag bird search


Beautiful to see how dogs can differentiate one smell from billion others. Invi searching for bird where wild pigs digged up the ground


Lara. Such a young puppy but already has understanding and concentration


Lara pointing


The bird is very tempting


Little beauty – Lara at the age of 8 months


Head-shot of puppy Lara


Ori and Invi – enjoying dummies retrieve

And in the end we have some OUTRO..


Ori, Eza and Lara. Three big size puppies

We’ve trained dogs at the beautiful place. Fields, forests, lakes and running dears just at the time we came. Love to spend the time with dogs being in the wild nature.

The Spring is almost here, that means we will spend more and more time being OUT.

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