Understand The Nature And Build A Bridge / Contact To Your Dog

I want to go deeper in understanding why some people seem to get so much more pleasure than others out of owning and handling dogs. The difference lay largely in their general attitude towards animals, in their understanding of the nature of their pets and their relationship with them. All these factors are important even in the choice of their dogs, in the way they handle them, and in the care they were able to give them. A proper understanding of the nature of animals is the first and greatest need of most dog owners.

What should you know about your dog?

The capacity to feel love for animals is a gift for many people. Just as so many humans feel the need of some higher power or individual to look to for support or guidance, so your dog looks to you, the provider, for its support. To it you are a God, you are Providence. Your dog looks to you for leadership and food, even as its feral ancestors looked to their pack leaders and to nature for guidance and sustenance. To have the most fun from owning a dog, perhaps nothing is more important than learning to accept your pet for what it is, to cultivate the proper mental attitude. A dog is a dog. Thinking of it or treating it as a human being is the source of many of the difficulties some people encounter in dog owning. It is poor logic – it will make your pet unhappy and you dissatisfied. You must learn to refrain from the natural tendency of projecting yourself onto the dog. In every aspect of animal care it pays real dividends to know the natural requirements of the species – their breeding habits, the diseases they are subject to, the exercises they need. If every dog owner understood the natural needs of all canines, we surely would never see fat, turtle-like or uncontrolled dogs . Dog breeders would refuse to breed another dog whose defects caused it or us inconvenience. Nature does not perpetuate defects, humans do it in defiance of nature.

Many people think, that the best way to make the dog listen is to give it to trainer for the month or few. The method to give the dog to the new place with new person doesn’t give a good results. The dog gets used to a new routine and a new person but as far as it gets back to the old place and real owner, tries the limits again.

Firs step to the successful training is to learn yourself with professional trainer when and how to praise or correct your dog, how to behave in different situations and how to take 100% control of your dog. Only than you are ready to train your dog alone building the stronger and stronger contact every day.

So, how to get a perfect connection to your dog?

Most important aspect of training is to develop close contact / bridging between you and your dog.

It is important to teach your dog that every toy, every peace of food, every entertainment as: going outside, getting off the leash, playing with other dogs, playing with a ball and etc. comes only through its master – YOU. It is easy to reach this result, just constant behavior is needed as eye contact and praise in the right moment. Never give up and never leave it for the next time. The praise is not only the food, but as said before – all entertainments you give to your dog every day is a praise.

The results are only positive because the dog is given a job to do, completes it, and then is rewarded. The contact and understanding grows every day.

There are many ways how to develop an effective contact to your dog and than the results will cheer you. It is going to be only a pleasure to work with your dog.

Next post is coming with tips how to built a contact between you and your dog.
And it’s coming soon.

Have an easy and productive week!

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