Christmas Time And New Year – 2013

On the picture:
Upe (Amazonjoki) carrying her puppies (litter “C” 2012) from top left – Creo, Cito, Stella, Iris, Ros, Ignis, Invictum and Forti. 

First of all I want to wish not only a few nice days but all the upcoming next year 2013.
It has been a nice year 2012, which gave us eight little miracle creatures – litter “C”.

During 2012 litter B has developed into beautiful young adults with strong personalities.
I am pleased to all owners who give so much time and effort to their dogs. Keep going!

I will post new actual articles about health, training, shows, hunting and etc. in 2013.
Thank you for following my blog which is very young so far, but already has many visitors from all over the World.
Stay tuned for upcoming news and articles!


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