CACIT – International Autumn Trial 2015


26-09-2015 was CACIT – International Autumn Trial 2015 in Moletai, organised by Lithuanian Hunters and Fishers Association.
9 dogs been entered from Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.
Judged by A. Kuleša, V.Lakneris, E. Sakalauskas and V. Tamošiūnas.

Dogs are allowed to enter from 1 year old.
Trial contains Big Field, Small Field and Water. Pheasants, hares and ducks are used for trial, retrieve and water work.
Enjoy the short reportage (© by Migle Narbutaite. All rights reserved. Not allowed to use without permission): CACIT_2015_sm-9060 CACIT_2015_sm-9061 CACIT_2015_sm-9063 CACIT_2015_sm-9064 CACIT_2015_sm-9065 CACIT_2015_sm-9068 CACIT_2015_sm-9069 CACIT_2015_sm-9072 CACIT_2015_sm-9073 CACIT_2015_sm-9074 CACIT_2015_sm-9076 CACIT_2015_sm-9078 CACIT_2015_sm-9079 CACIT_2015_sm-9080 CACIT_2015_sm-9082 CACIT_2015_sm-9083 CACIT_2015_sm-9085 CACIT_2015_sm-9088 CACIT_2015_sm-9092 CACIT_2015_sm-9094 CACIT_2015_sm-9096 CACIT_2015_sm-9101 CACIT_2015_sm-9104 CACIT_2015_sm-9105 CACIT_2015_sm-9108 CACIT_2015_sm-9111 CACIT_2015_sm-9112 CACIT_2015_sm-9113 CACIT_2015_sm-9114 CACIT_2015_sm-9118 CACIT_2015_sm-9119 CACIT_2015_sm-9120 CACIT_2015_sm-9121  CACIT_2015_sm-9125 CACIT_2015_sm-9129 CACIT_2015_sm-9130 CACIT_2015_sm-9131 CACIT_2015_sm-9132 CACIT_2015_sm-9133 CACIT_2015_sm-9134

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