Res. Best In Show JUNIOR and 2 x BOB!


Halston Cinamonn (SABI) – Res. Best in Show Junior at the age of 10 months in International Dog Show!

We are back after long weekend in Moletai, that run very fast as we had 3 Dog Shows with mind blowing results.

2015.05.22 Hunting Dogs Speciality Show, judged by Kirill Barbosov (Russia)

2015.05.23 IDS Moletai Major Cup 2015, judged by honorable judge: Peter King (Australia)

2015.05.24 IDS Moletai Summer 2015, judged by honorable judge: Vilmos Kardos (Hungary)

Titles received by Upe’s team dogs during the weekend:

Baltia Sumu UPE (almost 4 years) | Champion class
3 x CAC, 2 x R. CACIB, Club Winner’15, BOB and BIS 2 at Hunting Dogs Speciality Show!


Baltia Sumu UPE – CAC, Club Winner’15, BOB and BIS 2 at Hunting Dogs Speciality Show! Picture by FotoRasa


Baltia Sumu UPE – 3 x CAC, 2 x R. CACIB, Club Winner’15, BOB and BIS 2 at Hunting Dogs Speciality Show! Handled by Dominyka Kolesova       |    Picture by FotoRasa



Baltia Sumu UPE – almost 4 years    |    Picture by FotoRasa

Callidus Invictum UPE (2.5 years) Working class
3 x CAC and only very positive descriptions from all 3 judges



Invi on the move       |     Picture by FotoRasa



Invi and honorable judge Peter King (Australia)    |    Picture by FotoRasa

Ivanhoe Du Nid Aux Nobles (2 years) Intermediate class
1 x CAC


Hudas handled by Kristina Olsauskiene   |   Picture by FotoRasa


Hudas and honorable judge Peter King (Australia)   |   Picture by FotoRasa

Curo Ignis UPE (2.5 years) | Open class
3 x CAC, CACIB, R. CACIB, Club Winner’15, BOS and BOB (on Saturday by honorable judge Peter King)


Igi – Best of Breed     |     Picture by FotoRasa


Picture by FotoRasa


Picture by FotoRasa

Celer Iris UPE (2.5 years) | Open class


Picture by FotoRasa


Picture by FotoRasa

And our youngster little Star – Sabi (Halston Cinamonn) at the age of 10 months winning Junior Winner + Junior “BOB” (competing with male) and at the finals – Res. BEST IN SHOW JUNIOR from around 50 dogs at the International Dog Show on Saturday judged by honorable judge Irina Poletaeva! And on Sunday shortlisted to the best 10 again (by judge Kirill Barbosov)


Picture by FotoRasa


Picture by FotoRasa


Judge – Vilmos Kardos (HU)


Weekend was full of best emotions not only for us but for dogs as well as we lived for 3 days at the lake with 7-9 dogs at the time



Ml_GA2A0405 Ml_GA2A0378 Ml_GA2A0325 Ml_GA2A0344 Ml_GA2A0295 Ml_GA2A0285

Happy to have dedicated people to their four feet friends next to me. Thank you for help, support, trust and smiles!
Rasa, Egidija & Vytas, Dovile, Simona & Tautvydas, Andrius & Lina family, Luiza and  Bogdan.
Biggest congratulations to Dovile with BOB and Egidija with Res. Best in Show Junior! Soooo happy!!!
All the best sending to Mate David and Agnes Nasca, cheers!

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