Hi, I am back to my blog and will post some articles soon, but today will share some news from the last two amazing days at the dog shows..

Kennel’s UPE (RIVER) team was participating at the two dog shows in Ukmerge, Lithuania 20 and 21 of July 2013. It was a breath taking shows for us. Firstly, it was the first show in Junior class for our youngsters from the litter C as they’ve just turned to 9 months, secondary we received amazing results and we had a great time with wonderful company!

Saturday results of GSP by judge Elzbieta Chwalibog / Poland:  
– Callidus Invictum UPE (Junior) – Junior winner, Best Junior
– Baltia Jarvi UPE (Open) – CAC
– Baltia Sumu UPE (Champion) – CAC, W, BOB, Best in Group 2!
– Mercedes (Champion) – excellent 2 (Finland)
– Carus Stella UPE (Junior) – Junior winner

Sunday results of GSP by judge Leszek Siejkowski / Poland:
– Callidus Invictum UPE (Junior) – Junior winner, Best Junior

Baltia Jarvi UPE (Open) –  CAC

–  Baltia Sumu UPE (Working) – CAC, W, BOB, Best in Group and.. BEST IN SHOW by judge – Olszewski Jerzy / Poland!
That’s so amazing, it’s already his second BIS during the last 3 months!

Mercedes (Champion) – CAC (Finland)

– Carus Stella UPE (Junior) – excellent 2

Curo Ignis UPE (Junior) – Junior winner, Best Female

3 males competing for the Best Male

Baltia Sumu UPE and Mercedes (Finland)

Curo Ignis UPE on the move

Callidus Invictum UPE on the move

Baltia Sumu UPE at the finals

YES! Victory is MINE!
Baltia Sumu UPE – Best in SHOW!

And the last picture of Rukas today

That was another exciting thing that happened – we brought small fluffy and the most cutest puppy to our friends – Pembroke Welsh Corgi “Benas”..

Is that my future?..

We are all happy. Thank you everybody for the support and nice words.
See you soon..

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