Autumn – New Training Season


Greatest uncle Invi (Callidus Invictum UPE – almost 3 years) introducing puppies with the duck

Very first days of the Autumn and we began with new training season.
This time the training is for our youngest generation out of Multi CH Baltia Sumu UPE and Havana Du Nid Aux Nobles puppies, who are just 5.5 months young.

This training was more introduction to the work in the nature with birds and hare. So the puppies were introduced to quail, duck and hare. They could use upper and lower search as well as swimming in the lake retrieving the duck from the water.


Exito Bueno UPE (Hugo) |  5.5 months |  Trying to point a quail


Exito Belleza UPE (Eza) | 5.5 months | Holding tight her first duck

Eza was really fascinated about duck, about hare, about fields, about water, about company, about.. She is really crazy puppy girl in a good way, indeed.


Exito Epoca UPE (Era) | 5.5 months | First training


Exito Bueno UPE (Hugo) | 5.5 months | After successful water training

Hugo learned that swimming in a vertical position is not the only way to swim..


Callidus Invictum UPE (Invi) | almost 3 years | Duck retrieve

Invi is very concentrated and doesn’t want to share his trophy even with his mommy Upe


This is the group of big enthusiasts: Ruta with Era, Viktorija with Eza and Audrius with Hugo                                                               Puppies at the age of  5.5 months

Happy to be surrounded by such enthusiastic owners. All over wet after 3 hours training under the rain, but happy and smiling anyway..

Thank you, guys, and we will continue working for better and better results.


Exito Bueno UPE (Hugo) | 5.5 months | Eye contact with the owner

Contact is most important “holder” and “bridge” between the owner and the dog, so keep going!

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