5 Things You Should Know About Dog Jackets


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This is the first newsletters you are getting from me. I want to share with you information, which might be helpful within the upcoming cold season. If you have cold winters your dog will need a jacket. GSPs are very active dogs and while they are running with full energy there is no need to put the jacket on, but as soon as the dog stops running or is put on the leash, a jacket might be really helpful, especially in low temperature.

I would suggest to pay attention at these 5 factors before choosing one:

  • Good quality of materials (inner layer should not trigger allergy and outer layer should keep it dry). It is difficult to describe how to identify the quality of the material. Everyone has their own material preferences, but in my opinion natural fibers, such as wool are always a good bet. If you decide to choose polyester, then look for microfiber fleece.
  • Waterproof outer layer. Look for text on the label saying “waterproof”, “water-resistant” or something similar. This layer can be synthetic (polyester) to protect well from the water.
  • Inner layer with good quality lining. Natural wool or rather microfiber fleece, which is light and warm. Both materials keep warmth and evaporate moisture very well.
  • Comfortable to wear. The jacket should not limit dog’s movements and make it feel uncomfortable. The best way to check it is to try it on and observe how your dog behaves. Try to walk with it and play a bit. If it does not mind the jacket, that probably will mean that the jacket fits well. Otherwise, try putting on other jacket models.
  • A part to cover the chest is important. I have a very good jacket for my dog, but the chest part is missing (it is made without it originally). See the picture below:It causes discomfort to my dog. For example, she likes to chew stick while lying on the snow and gets cold very quickly. Chest covers the lungs so it should be protected well. I would prefer a jacket with a chest covering part for this reason. See the picture below:

I hope you’ve enjoyed these tips. Thanks, and best of luck to you!


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  1. A coat in the winter for cold weather is a mandatory in my opinion! Us humans wear coats to keep us warm so why shouldnt we do the same to out pets? I buy a new dog coats for my dog each year, it suprises m e when I see people with a dog in the freezing cold weather. Definiltey not nice for the dog..

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